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FairCom MQ is a full-featured MQTT 3 and MQTT 5 compliant MQTT broker for mission-critical messaging. Its embedded database and transform engines allow it to change and persist message payloads. You can use database queries to access historical and current data stored in messages. It is also an essential part of FairCom DB Notify , used by FairCom DB and FairCom RTG to deliver JSON data change messages to external systems.

MQTT is designed for the highly popular Internet of Things (IoT) movement. Similar to how the request-response paradigm of HTTP transforms the Internet into a human web, the publish-subscribe model of MQTT transforms IoT into a machine web.


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Learn about FairCom MQ features.

MQTT concepts

Learn about MQTT and how you can get started using it.


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API reference

Configure MQTT brokers with these actions.

Startup configuration

How to configure broker settings that apply when the broker starts.

Error codes

Complete list of FairCom error codes.

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