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cttctx performance test utility

cttctx is a multi-threaded FairCom client test for comprehensive testing of FairCom server operations. This utility was designed specifically for profiling FairCom Server performance. Use this utility to simulate high load conditions against the FairCom server for verifying application performance.

Example 1. Usage
cttctx <uid> <upw> <svn> [create [-t<trnmod>] | <nThrds> [-c<concurrency>]

	[-d<dist>] [-e] [-h] [-j] [-o<op>] [-p] [-r<msec>] [-n<niter>] ]

Table 1. Arguments






User password


FairCom server name.


Create new test data/index files.


Transaction mode to use when creating the files.

<trnmod> is one of the following:
  • t - ctTRNLOG

  • p - ctPREIMG

  • n - no tran


Number of threads to spawn.


Changes thread concurrency to <concurrency>.


Uses the embedded FairCom SQL interface (otherwise use the ISAM interface).


Hard exits, abrupt termination without thread cleanup.


Adds to vlength files.


Operation to apply.

<op> is one of the following:
  • a - Add

  • c- Read

  • c - Delete

-p[1 | 2] 

Tracks performance stats such as latency of operations. p1 tracks the total elapsed time. p2 enables full profiling (elapsed time plus individual call times). This is the equivalent of a previous -p option.

Output of these stats is written to a file named fnc.<PID>.<THREADID>.log where PID is the cttctx process ID and THREADID is the executing thread ID.


Number of milliseconds between performing each operation.


Number of loop iterations to perform.