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Install into production

Install FairCom products into production


This page describes how to install FairCom products into production.


  1. Create a valid certificate for each FairCom Edge server.

  2. Configure the certificate for HTTPS connections only.

  3. Turn on file encryption.

  4. Change the ADMIN password to a secure password.

  5. Add additional user accounts for applications and end users.


    Do not allow application and end-user accounts to have admin access or to know the ADMIN password. Ensure each account has a secure password.

Configuration settings

  1. Update the settings in the ctsrvr.cfg file to fit production needs.


    Increase the default topic settings for FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ. There needs to be 62*number of expected topics. If the persistence settings were changed it will be (retentionPeriod+1)*2.

  2. Verify that the system files limit is at least as high as the FILES settings from Step 1.

  3. Increase the DAT_MEMORY and IDX_MEMORY settings to allow caching as much of the data you expect to access as possible.


    Keep this within the footprint of the physical RAM the hardware has available.

  4. Store the data, index, and tranlog folders on fast local SSD storage.


    Using a shared or network volume to store these files will dramatically slow down performance.