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JSON Hub API: integration table actions

This section provides actions to create, alter, delete, describe, and list integration tables. These actions are available in FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ.

An integration table is a database table enhanced to collect, transform, store, and forward data. It is a bridge between an input and an output. Inputs collect data from external devices, equipment, and software systems and insert it into an integration table. Outputs take data inserted into an integration table and deliver it to external devices, equipment, and software systems.


When running FairCom Edge or FairCom MQ, you must use these actions to manage integration tables. Do not use the incompatible table actions in the JSON DB API.

See JSON action defaults to set the defaults for integration table actions.




"alterIntegrationTable" alters table settings that are safe to modify, such as adding new fields.


"createIntegrationTable" creates an integration table.


"deleteIntegrationTables" deletes an integration table as long as there are no dependencies on it.


"describeIntegrationTables" returns all available information about each specified integration table.


"listIntegrationTables" lists only the integration tables in a given database.