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FairCom Edge Modbus connector




FairCom Edge has a Modbus service that allows FairCom Edge to connect to and interact with Modbus devices.


This section provides procedures for:

Initialize the Modbus simulator
Create a session
Capture Modbus TCP data as JSON records in the database
View the captured Modbus TCP data in the "modbusTableTCP" table
Create a transform to extract the captured data into table fields
Attach the transform to the input
View the transformed data
Forward the captured data to an MQTT topic
Query capture Modbus TCP data using the JSON DB API

API reference

The API reference outlines and defines the properties used to utilize the Modbus TCP service.

Startup configuration

Verify that the Modbus service is enabled in the FairCom Edge server.

Modbus data types

The Modbus data types are the values used in the "modbusDataType" property which defines how to convert Modbus binary data types into JSON types.