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FairCom DB Notify Reference


A reference guide for configuring FairCom DB Notify to capture data change events in tables in FairCom DB and FairCom RTG and publish them to FairCom MQ so that applications can subscribe to them.

Two types of JSON files configure FairCom DB Notify. One file configures a connection to FairCom MQ and the other type configures tables in FairCom DB and FairCom RTG to capture data changes and publish them as data change messages to topics in FairCom MQ.



Configure connection

The Connection Configuration file, dbnotifyconnections.json, defines how to connect to FairCom MQ.

Configure table

The Table Event Configuration file defines the events that are captured and published to topics. These include insert, update, and delete events.

Data change message

The data structure of the JSON data change message that FairCom MQ publishes to FairCom DB Notify for delivery to applications.