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FairCom DB v13 release


Overview of the v13 release of FairCom DB


FairCom is pleased to release version 13 of FairCom DB. It includes a new API called JSON DB, which returns all records as JSON documents and uses JSON to manage all operations on databases, tables, indexes, records, cursors, and transactions.

The release also includes a new DB Notify feature, which captures data changes in FairCom DB and sends them as JSON documents to MQTT subscribers, delivering real-time data changes to any software system.

V13 continues FairCom's commitment to improving performance, scalability, and security with optimistic locking, cache priming, dynamic cache resizing, background index optimization, faster batch operations, faster SQL, SQL cursors, recycle bin, millions of open files, 4K file names, FIPS-compliant OpenSSL 1.3, certificate management, client certificate authentication, signed Windows and MacOS binaries, tamper-proof-insert-only tables, read-only servers, and high-availability through Linux Pacemaker and Windows Server Failover Clustering.

For details, see the following white papers:

Table 1. FairCom DB V13



FairCom DB V13 Highlights

The highlights guide summarizes the primary features of the release.

FairCom DB V13 Change Log

The change log contains a detailed explanation of each change to FairCom DB from V12.0 through V13.0.

FairCom DB Notify Summary

DB Notify captures data changes and delivers them to subscribers as JSON messages for easy integration into any software system. Software can also read the event log to process changes as batch jobs.

FairCom MQ Summary

FairCom MQ is a next-generation messaging solution that guarantees message delivery in order. It combines the simplicity of a mission-critical MQTT broker with the batch processing capabilities of an event streaming platform, such as Kafka. FairCom MQ is uniquely capable of transforming data in real-time, routing MQTT messages to multiple topics, and using SQL and the JSON DB API to query and send messages.

Upgrade FairCom DB Server

To upgrade the FairCom DB Server to V13, follow the Steps to Upgrade FairCom Server . Be sure to check the "Upgrade Notes for Developers" and "Upgrade Notes for Administrators" when upgrading from releases more than 1 release behind.

Upgrade Applications

Please follow these steps to upgrade an existing FairCom DB application.

FairCom DB V13 Standalone

Details regarding what's new with Standalone and upgrade instructions including information for V12 and V13.