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This section provides tips to use when troubleshooting your replication environment.



Replication network recommendations

This section describes the network recommendations for Replication Manager and replication clients.

Connection and startup issues

This section describes what to look for when replication is not connecting or starting up.

Record lock error retry and diagnostics

FairCom replication supports configuration options to specify how many times to attempt to lock a record and how much time to sleep between record lock attempts.

Replication Agent exceptions and errors

This section describes exceptions and errors such as connection failures, specific error codes, exception logs, and more.

Correctly terminate orphaned Replication Agent source and target server connections

It is possible for a network (particularly a WAN) to periodically lose connectivity between the Replication Agent and its source or target servers. In this situation, the Replication Agent process may reconnect to the servers and find that the original server-side connection still exists.


The configuration option DIAGNOSTICS REPLICATE enables FairCom DB to log messages to CTSTATUS.FCS when a file that is being created or opened matches the filename specified for the REPLICATE keyword, and it does not meet replication requirements.

Replication Agent loss of connection

This section explains how to recover if the Replication Agent loses its connection to the target FairCom DB server due to a network connectivity issue that leaves an extra Replication Agent connection in the target FairCom DB server process.