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Forward from FairCom MQ to another broker

You can chain together MQTT brokers by forwarding messages from one broker to another. This is a great way to move information across data centers. A broker in one site, such as a factory, forwards messages to other MQTT brokers in other sites, such as another factory or the cloud.


MQTT forwarding is one of the best ways to move data to and from the cloud. All major cloud providers provide MQTT brokers in the cloud that can receive and send MQTT messages, such as AWS IoT Core and Microsoft Azure IoT. Once an MQTT message has been received by an MQTT broker in the cloud, the cloud broker can distribute that data to a wide variety of cloud services for machine learning and data analysis, and it can send MQTT messages back to FairCom MQ running on the edge.

Set up MQTT forwarding in FairCom MQ

To set up MQTT forwarding in FairCom MQ, create a broker connection and configure one or more MQTT topics to be forwarded to that connection.

  1. Use the "configureBrokerConnection" action in the JSON MQ API to create and save a broker connection that you can reuse.

  2. Use the "configureTopic" action in the JSON MQ API to forward messages from one topic on FairCom MQ to the same or different topic on another broker.

FairCom provides several tutorials showing how to configure MQTT forwarding.