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ThingWorx connector

Connect FairCom Edge to ThingWorx for codeless querying


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Figure 1. IIoT integration hub
IIoT integration hub

The FairCom Edge connector for ThingWorx uses the ThingWorx AlwaysOn protocol to automatically deliver data from FairCom Edge to ThingWorx.

FairCom Edge gathers data from edge devices using a variety of protocols, including MQTT, OPC UA, PLCs, and so forth. It stores this data in its internal, high-speed database, and automatically forwards the data to ThingWorx. It supports all types of data including images, large binary objects, JSON, numbers, strings, and so forth.

FairCom Edge easily converts complex JSON data into tabular data for easy integration into ThingWorx.

FairCom Edge can store data at high velocity and forward it to ThingWorx at a rate that ThingWorx is able to consume.

In this section




The Concepts section provides descriptions of services and features, such as:

ThingWorx connector
Support for multiple ThingWorx things
Automatic reconnection to ThingWorx


The Configuration section provides setup and configuration instructions for ThingWorx and FairCom Edge, such as:

Entity setup
FairCom Edge setup
FairCom Edge ThingWorx connector configuration


The Tutorials section consists of procedures to load and map FairCom Edge and ThingWorx.

Load the FairCom Edge thing into ThingWorx
Load the FairCom Edge schema
Map properties
Type mapping


The Troubleshoot section contains a list of common error messages and codes as well as a description.