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Deployment models

Deploy replication with Replication Manager or local server plugin


Replication Manager provides direct administrator control from your web browser for remote configuration, management, and monitoring. Quickly log in and check the status of multiple replication environments from a central location. An embedded web browser serves up all replication data and access to central troubleshooting logs.

FairCom Replication can be deployed in one of two solutions:
  • Replication Manager

    FairCom replication introduced a new enhanced replication environment. FairCom Replication Manager defines, maintains, and manages complex multi-server replication environments from a single installation and convenient browser-based configuration. Replication Manager can be installed on any node in your environment and manage multiple replication plans between servers. Centralized information is always available to monitor and update your replication topology. Replication Manager can replicate between multiple nodes from a single location and does not require multiple Replication Agents as before. This solution replaces the now legacy Replication Agent and should be your default preferred option taking advantage of the latest FairCom DB replication options.

  • Local server plugin 

    A ctagent plugin is available for local servers providing direct server-to-server replication. This is configured with a ctagent.json configuration file. This model provides easy-to-deploy solutions for OEM vendors. This model also makes it easy to transition from legacy Replication Agents as it can use the same configuration file as before.