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JSON Hub API: transform actions

This section provides several actions to create, alter, delete, describe, list, and run transform processes. These actions are part of the JSON Hub API and are available in FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ.

A transformation process is a series of steps that occur when a record is inserted into an integration table. FairCom provides a variety of transformation steps, including adding data, modifying data, and reshaping data. You can also extract data from JSON and put it in table fields; vice-versa, you create JSON from data in data fields. You can insert records into other integration tables to deliver messages to other MQTT topics and output devices, equipment, and software services.




"alterTransform" renames and edits the properties of an existing transform process.


"createTransform" creates a transform and saves it by name for reuse in MQTT topics and inputs.


"deleteTransform" deletes one or more transforms and returns a complete description of each deleted transform so that the transform can be recreated easily.


"describeTransforms" returns all available information about each specified transform.


"listTransforms" obtains a list of the names of existing transforms.


"runTransform" runs a transform and returns the transformed data.