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FairCom Edge Node-RED connector

Node-RED is an open-source solution for building low-code, event-driven applications. It is designed to wire together hardware devices, APIs, and online services. It is low-code because it provides a graphical user interface for building flows. It can collect, process, and deliver data to supported protocols using conditional logic.

Node-RED and FairCom Edge complete each other. Node-RED does not include a database or an MQTT broker. FairCom Edge contains an embedded database and a mission-critical MQTT broker with JSON APIs, making it easy for Node-RED to configure MQTT topics, persist data, and query data.

Table 1. Quick links to Node-RED and FairCom documentation




Install, configure, start, stop, and troubleshoot Node-RED.

Node-RED concepts

Learn about Node-RED and its use with FairCom Edge.


Tutorials to get you started.

Create session
Create table & index
Add & query records