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Replication manager UI

Replication is managed centrally and runs locally. The Replication Manager configures, controls, and monitors replication from a central location. It delegates the actual work of replication to the FairCom servers that contain and replicate data. This approach makes it easy to create and maintain database clusters across many FairCom servers.

The Replication Manager makes it easy to shape the cluster architecture to meet your exact needs for scalability and availability. It includes a visual browser-based interface for configuring, controlling, and monitoring replication and failover across clusters of servers. The FairCom replication solution uses a distributed architecture based on centralized metadata that is managed by the FairCom OpsManager Replication Studio, also known as Replication Manager. The Replication Manager allows you to access and control your distributed c-tree ecosystem from a central location, referred to internally as Memphis. It provides a convenient, graphical interface for managing systems of any level of complexity at an individual node level.

This section goes on to explain how to use the Replication Manager to control your replication environment. It is designed for both administrators and developers. Administrators can use Replication Manager to simplify the management of their replication. Developers will use Replication Manager as part of a solution to replicate to other c-tree systems or to the cloud.

Figure 1. Replication management
Replication management

The Replication Manager includes APIs that configure, control, and monitor replication and failover across clusters of servers:



Centralized management

Replication Manager runs on a central server or cluster that is independent of the servers it manages.

Distributed replication

replication plans are stored in its central database and on each participating FairCom server.

Manage replication from your browser

Replication Manager provides direct administrator control from your web browser for remote configuration, management, and monitoring.

Manage replication with direct APIs

Replication Manager provides a full-featured API for the most demanding environments.

Deployment models

This section describes the two solutions for which replication can be deployed.

How to replicate data using Replication Manager

This section describes the steps required to quickly create a replication plan visually through your browser interface.

Monitor replication

This section describes the Replication Manager logs, ways to monitor specific plans with your browser, scripted monitoring tools, and exception log.