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The FairCom Edge connector documentation for software developers to collect tags from devices and send data to devices and software.


FairCom Edge connects to the most common industrial IoT protocols, including MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA, Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP, and PTC ThingWorx

FairCom Edge connects to the most common Industrial IoT protocols, including MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA, Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP, and PTC ThingWorx. These connectors enable FairCom Edge to collect tags from various devices, equipment, and manufacturing software.

You can configure these connectors using input actions in the JSON Edge API .


A tag is named data, such as a temperature with a value of 70 . In JSON, a tag is a JSON property, such as "temperature": 70. In a SQL table, a tag is a data field, such as a field named temperature with a value of 70.




The Allen-Bradley section provides concepts, tutorials, API references, and startup configuration for Allen-Bradley services.


The AWS section provides concepts and tutorials on operation and interaction of the AWS IoT core broker with the FairCom broker.


The JSON section provides concepts, tutorials, and use cases of JSON for application integration.


Th Modbus section details the concepts, tutorials, API reference, and startup configuration for the Modbus service.


The MQTT section provides quick links to FairCom MQTT documentation, including installation, concepts, use cases and capabilities, tutorials, the API reference, startup configuration, and error codes.


The Node-RED section provides installation, concepts, and tutorials on the Node-RED connector.


The OPC UA section section provides tutorials on how to interact with the FairCom Edge database server using the FairCom Explorer Web Utility to pull, store, view, and use tags from an OPC UA simulator.


The REST section provides an explanation of how REST interacts with the FairCom server.

Siemens S7

The Siemens S7 section provides concepts, tutorials, and API reference on the Siemens S7 connector.


The SQL section provides information on SQL for databases and ETL tools.


The ThingWorx section provides concepts, configurations, tutorials, and troubleshooting pages for using ThingWorx and FairCom Edge.