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Tutorial: Import CA certificates into an OS keystore

This tutorial shows how to use the python script to import a CA certificate into an operating system (OS) keystore so the OS will trust your certificates.

Run this script with elevated privileges. For Windows, a command prompt must be run as Administrator. For Linux and MacOS prepend the command with 'sudo'.

  1. Navigate to the <faircomInstallationDirectory>/drivers/certificates folder.

  2. At the command prompt, run python [certificate file name].

    You will be prompted for the certificate file name if you did not enter it as a command line parameter.

  3. Enter the certificate file name.

    The certificate is located and you will be prompted to import the certificate.

  4. Press Enter,

    The certificate is loaded and imported into the OS keystore.

    The output is displayed. It is different, depending on the operating system.

  5. Press Enter to exit.