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Configure installed features using FairComConfig.exe

This section describes the capabilities and modes of FairComConfig.exe, a Windows application that configures the FairCom server on Windows.

Configure the FairCom server as a Windows service

This section contains a procedure to set the two configurable properties using the Windows Services Control Panel applet.

Configure the Tool Tray Interface on Windows

When the server configuration file contains the CONSOLE TOOL_TRAY keyword it displays a FairCom icon in the Windows tool tray making it easy to see that the server is running and to shut it down.

FairComConfig.exe is a Windows application that configures the FairCom server on Windows. This utility is named FairComConfig.exe and is included with the download package in the <faircom>\tools\SetUp\ folder.

FairComConfig.exe capabilities
  • It can install the Visual C++ Redistributable, which is used by the FairCom server on Windows.

  • It can install drivers for ADO.NET, ODBC, and Java Stored Procedures.

  • It can configure Windows firewall exceptions and Windows Start Menu items.

  • It can configure or unconfigure the FairCom server as a Windows service.

    • Installing as a service is useful when you unzip and run the FairCom server manually instead of using the Windows MSI installer.

    • Running the FairCom server as a Windows service is a best practice in a production setting because the FairCom server runs automatically when the computer starts. It also makes it easy for administrators to manage and monitor the service.

    • FairComConfig.exe is the easiest way to remove the FairCom server as a Windows service along with all its dependent features.

This utility has two modes: Configure and Remove
  • Remove: When items have been previously configured, FairComConfig.exe is in the Remove state. Click Remove to unconfigure all FairCom features. The utility then reverts to the Configure state where you can choose which features you want to configure. The Remove button is safe. It does NOT uninstall the FairCom server or delete any data files.

  • Configure: When no items have been previously configured, FairComConfig.exe is in the Configured state. Check the boxes you want to configure and click Configure.

FairComConfig.exe Windows Utility in Config Mode

FairComConfig.exe in Configure mode

FairComConfig.exe Windows Utility in Remove Mode

FairComConfig.exe in Remove mode

For tips on troubleshooting your installation, see Troubleshoot.

When you install the FairCom server using the Windows Installer, it is automatically configured to run as a Windows Service. If you install it manually by unzipping it into a folder, you need to manually register the FairCom server to run as a service (see Install as a Windows service).

The FairCom service has two configurable properties:
  1. Startup Type

  2. Logon User

These options can be set using the Windows Services Control Panel applet by performing this procedure:
  1. Open the Windows Control Panel by clicking Start > Settings > Control Panel.

  2. Select the Services applet. You will be presented with a list of the installed services.


    Services applet in the Windows Control Panel

  3. Select the FairCom service, then double-click it or right-click and choose Properties.

  4. The Windows Service configuration options window will appear.

    1. Set the Startup Type on the General tab.

    2. Set the Logon User on the Log On tab.


      Windows service configuration options window


The Microsoft Windows Services control Panel applet is an easy, safe, visual method for managing the FairCom server as a Windows service. You can use it to define how and when the service starts. You can change the logon user. And you can also manually start, stop, pause, and resume the server. You can also do all these things using Microsoft’s command-line utility, sc, which is the preferred way to create automated scripts to manage Windows services.

By default, when a FairCom server runs on Windows as an executable, it puts an icon (RunningIcon.png) in the task tray. Double-clicking the task tray icon opens the FairCom Status window.

FairCom Status window features:
  • Shutdown the FairCom server.

  • View the version of the FairCom server.

  • View the FairCom startup configuration.

Hide the task tray icon:
  1. Navigate to and open the ctsrvr.cfg file within the config folder.

  2. Update the CONSOLE setting to ;CONSOLE.


    The CONSOLE setting does nothing when the FairCom server runs as a Windows service.

  3. Select Shutdown from the Control dropdown menu.

  4. Restart the FairCom server.