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Error codes 10000 - 50999

FairCom other error codes 10000 - 50999


FairCom error codes 10000 - 50999

This section lists the error messages generated by the FairCom SQL engine. In addition to the SQL-specific error codes, error conditions have an associated SQLSTATE value, a 5-character status parameter that indicates the condition status returned by the most recent FairCom DB SQL statement.

The first two characters of SQLSTATE specify the class code, and the last three characters specify the subclass code:
  • The SQL standard reserves class codes beginning with A-H and 0-4.

    For those class codes only, the standard also reserved subclass codes beginning with A-H and 0-4.

  • Class codes beginning with I-Z and 5-9 are specific to database implementations such as FairCom DB SQL.

    All subclass codes in those classes are implementation-defined.