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Concepts for using the Siemens UDT transform method


concepts for using the Siemens UDT transform method

The FairCom Edge Siemens UDT to JSON service can convert the Siemens native binary UDT data format into JSON. This service is included in the FairCom jsonAction API.

In order to do this conversion, the UDT-to-JSON service must be given a copy of the UDT's schema, a text document describing the variables that make up the UDT and their types.  The schema is needed because the binary data does not contain any tags or other information about what the data represents. The first procedure of the tutorial section is to export a UDT file from the Siemens development environment and convert it into a form that FairCom Edge understands.

The PLC must be configured to connect to the FairCom Edge MQTT broker in order to publish the serialized contents of the UDT to an MQTT topic.