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FairCom MQ API reference

The FairCom MQ API manages the actions that configure FairCom MQ. It is based on the jsonAction protocol, which sends JSON requests to a server and returns JSON responses. This section defines the JSON payloads that can be sent to the FairCom server over HTTP, HTTPS, WS, and WSS using the endpoint /api, such as https://localhost:8443/api.

The following sections are a listing of all available actions for configuring FairCom MQ.


When using the Property summary tables, if there is additional information that the Property summary tables do not provide the property has a link to the property topic that contains the comprehensive explanation.




This section provides several actions to configure, delete, describe, and list MQTT topics. These actions are part of the JSON MQ API and are available in FairCom Edge and FairCom MQ.




"configureTopic" configures a topic and its many settings. You can change a topic to use a different integration table and control how MQTT data is transformed before inserting it into the integration table. You can also forward MQTT messages to other MQTT topics.


"deleteTopic" deletes an MQTT topic.


"describeTopics" returns all available information about specified MQTT topics.


"listTopics" lists the names of MQTT topics that the server is tracking.

Broker connections

The JSON Hub API: broker connection actions are part of the JSON MQ API. This section provides actions to configure, delete, describe, and list broker connections.




"configureBrokerConnection" creates or updates a reusable connection to an external broker, which may be another instance of FairCom MQ, FairCom Edge, or an MQTT broker from another vendor.


"deleteBrokerConnection" deletes a previously created broker connection.


"describeBrokerConnections" returns information about specified broker connections.


"listBrokerConnections" lists all available broker connections that have been created.

Integration tables




"alterIntegrationTable" alters table settings that are safe to modify, such as adding new fields.


"createIntegrationTable" creates an integration table.


"deleteIntegrationTables" deletes an integration table as long as there are no dependencies on it.


"describeIntegrationTables" returns all available information about each specified integration table.


"listIntegrationTables" lists only the integration tables in a given database.





"alterOutput" configures an existing integration.


"createOutput" creates and new integration.


"deleteOutput" removes a previously created integration.


"describeOutputs" returns all available information about each specified output.


"listOutputs" obtains a list of the names of previously created outputs.