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Replicate superfile hosts and members

Superfiles are unique FairCom files containing a collection of data and index files within a single physical file. They are useful when combining files that should always be distributed as a complete set — for example, the FairCom SQL engine uses superfiles for the collection of SQL system tables associated with a particular database. Prior to V12, FairCom did not support replicating superfile data.

Starting with the 2020 release, the FairCom server can now replicate superfiles. This support includes replicating create and delete of superfile hosts as well as operations on superfile members.

The option replicate_data_definitions yes must be added to ctreplagent.cfg to enable this support.

Several additional Replication Agent diagnostic configurations have been added to enable logging diagnostic messages to ctreplagent.log.

Diagnostic configurations:

These diagnostics options can be dynamically enabled at runtime using the repadm utility.

  • diagnostics file_open: log file open/close activity

  • diagnostics tran_state: log transaction state

  • diagnostics dependency_graph: log dependency graph details

  • diagnostics file_open_err: log errors opening files

  • diagnostics analyzer: log transaction analysis details

Example 1. Turn off an option at runtime

Prefix the option value with ~.

repadm -c setconfig:""diagnostics ~file_open"" -s REPLAGENT@localhost