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Resources for all products

This section provides resources that can be applied to all of FairCom's products.



Install FairCom products

This section provides quick and advanced installation instructions for all FairCom products along with a section on creating Docker containers for FairCom servers.


This page lists all of FairCom's APIs.

jsonAction API

This section covers the standard message pattern for jsonAction APIs and includes detailed descriptions of all its properties.

Admin API

This section describes FairCom’s server administrative API. The API uses the jsonAction protocol. The API contains actions for managing the server. The server endpoint over HTTP is /api.

Error codes

This section presents a numerical listing of the error codes that could be generated by all FairCom products.

Administrators guide

This section contains the information necessary for a system administrator to manage a FairCom server.

Data replication

Replication Manager makes it easy to create database clusters to meet your needs for scalability and availability. It allows you to combine various replication and failover techniques to create the level of availability and scalability you need.

FairCom DB Notify

This section covers FairCom DB Notify which automatically captures data change events and publishes them as MQTT messages. Any system subscribed to these messages will receive guaranteed notification of data changes.

Field types

Each field in a table and each property in JSON must be one of the types listed in this section.

User interfaces

This section provides overviews and tutorials about user interfaces and how to use them.


The glossary contains all major terms used by FairCom products. It also contains related terms.