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How to download FairCom products


This page describes how to download a FairCom product.


After purchasing a product, you are sent a direct-download link.

To download a free evaluation edition:
  1. Go to

  2. Click the Download dropdown menu.

  3. Select a product.

    • FairCom DB offers a high-speed, embeddable, JSON database server.

    • FairCom MQ is a mission-critical MQTT broker with database and JSON access to all published messages.

    • FairCom Edge is an IoT integration platform that bridges OT and IT protocols, including MQTT, Modbus, OPC UA, ThingWorx, SQL, JSON, and so forth.

  4. Fill out the subsequent form.

  5. Select the download that matches your operating system.


    Contact FairCom for downloads that run on other operating systems that are not listed.



    The evaluation version of the product times out after three hours and shuts down the server. Therefore, the server needs to be restarted every three hours.


    FairCom products run on additional platforms, including Raspbian, Android, Solaris, AIX, FreeBSD and dozens of legacy systems. If you need a package that is not listed, please contact us.