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Expose data to accounts

Securely expose data and grant rights to user accounts


This page contains instructions for securely exposing data and granting integration table rights to user accounts.

Create a user account

  1. Navigate to the tools subfolder within the <faircom> installation folder.

  2. Open a command terminal.

  3. Change user1 to a new username of your choice.

  4. Change password1 to a password of your choice.

  5. Run the command: sa_admin -aADMIN -pADMIN -sFAIRCOMS -oua user1 -w password1

Log into Data Explorer

Figure 1. Connect to Server and Database
Connect to Server and Database

  1. Open Data Explorer in the Google Chrome browser.

  2. In the URL textbox, paste: https://localhost:8443/DataExplorer/

  3. Click the User Credentials tab.

  4. If necessary, enter the username admin.

  5. If necessary, enter the password ADMIN.

  6. Click the SQL tab (callout 1 Figure 1, “Connect to Server and Database).

  7. Update the SQL Database to faircom (callout 2).

  8. Click Connect to Server (callout 3).

Grant rights to an integration table


Do not grant alter or delete rights, because integration tables must only be created and deleted through the API actions — "createIntegrationTable" and "deleteIntegrationTable".

  1. Click on the Data Explorer SQL Scripts tab.

  2. Type the following script in the script textbox to grant select and insert rights on an integration table to an account.


    To grant only read rights, leave out all other rights but select.

    grant select on admin.table1 to user1;
    grant insert on admin.table1 to user1;
  3. Update table1 to the integration table name of your choice.

  4. Update user1 to your username of your choice.

  5. Click Run All.

  6. Repeat steps Step 1 through Step 5 for any additional integration tables.

Example 1. Update rights

This example code grants update rights, but doing so allows an account to modify collected data.

grant update on admin.table1 to user1;