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Solutions to common problems for administrators of FairCom products


This page contains solutions to common problems for administrators of FairCom products.

Problem: Web browser cannot connect to locally running FairCom Server

Figure 1. Error

The error that is received when there are issues connecting to FairCom's browser-based applications

Solution: Use instead of localhost

Tips for using instead of localhost:
  • To test FairCom database web tools use use or instead of http://localhost:8080/ or https://localhost:8443/.

  • It is best practice to use instead of localhost to ensure you connect to your local computer because localhost does not work reliably in some languages, such as Python. Also, your computer's hosts files and/or DNS settings may be configured to redirect the localhost domain name to another computer besides your local computer.

  • If you use you do not have to worry about the behavior of localhost and the hosts file.

  • If you want to verify how your hosts file modifies the behavior of localhost, you can open it in any editor to see what IP address it maps to localhost.

  • In Windows, the hosts file is located in C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc.

    By default, it uses DNS to map localhost. Your DNS server typically maps localhost to, but it can map it anywhere and this can cause problems.

  • In Linux, the hosts file is located in the /etc folder.

    By default, Linus maps localhost to