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Download Replication Manager

The FairCom Replication Manager is distributed in a .zip or .tar package — for example, FairCom DB.<platform>.ReplicationManager.<build>.

  1. Extract the package onto your server file system.

    The package contains centralized replication components (the Replication Manager controller, database, and browser‑based graphical tools).


    It is possible to install and run Replication Manager on the same system where a FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, or FairCom RTG server is running, but you will need to change the https port in config/cthttpd.json (see Configure Replication Manager).

  2. Edit the config/ctagent.json configuration files on the FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and/or FairCom RTG server nodes to point to the Replication Manager.

  3. Ensure replication is enabled for each database server node by updating the licenses on the server nodes.


    FairCom DB, FairCom Edge, and/or FairCom RTG servers will need to be updated to the latest build.

  4. Once the Replication Manager package is downloaded, unzip the package.

  5. Observe the directory:

    • ReplicationManager

      This is the folder containing Replication Manager. The application to launch (memphis, or Memphis.exe on Windows) is contained in this directory.

    • ReplicationManager\web

      This is the browser-based versions of the graphical tools, including Replication Manager as well as FairCom SQL Explorer, FairCom ISAM Explorer, and FairCom Monitor.