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Data replication

FairCom Replication makes it easy to create database clusters to meet your exact needs for scalability and availability. It allows you to combine various replication and failover techniques to create the level of availability and scalability you need.

Each FairCom server has data replication and failover built into it when unlocked with a replication enabled license.  FairCom Replication allows you to configure replication and failover across FairCom servers from a central location.

Replication Manager audiences:

This section explains how to use the Replication Manager to control your replication environment.

  • Administrators will use Replication Manager to simplify the management of their replication.

  • Developers will use Replication Manager as part of a solution to replicate to other c-tree systems or to the cloud.




Data replication is a basic concept that can be applied in many ways to deliver a wide variety of solutions for availability and scalability. FairCom replication is specifically designed to create available and scalable solutions.


FairCom replication is responsible for establishing connections to multiple FairCom servers maintaining a current position in case of connection failures, and logging exceptional transactions that cannot be reliably replicated.

Replication Manager UI

Replication Manager configures, controls, and monitors replication from a central location.

Manual replication

This section explains how to configure manual replication using Replication Agent. Manual replication is intended for customers transitioning from existing FairCom replication using the first generation of the Replication Agent.

Configure servers

Several features of replication depend on specific server configurations.


Several FairCom replication management utilities are provided to monitor, troubleshoot and benchmark the replication process.


This section provides tips to use when troubleshooting your replication environment.

Error codes

This section offers some common replication error codes.

C++ Replication API

The C++ API allows you to access and control the whole system by connecting to it through the Replication Manager.

C Replication Extension API

This section describes using the replication extension library with the original Replication Agent. The extension library can be also used with the newer Replication Manager.

replutil Replication Manager utility

replutil is a command line utility used to send commands to the Replication Manager (Memphis).

Build a high availability Cluster on Linux for FairCom DB

This section describes how to create a two-node, highly available (HA) solution running FairCom DB on a clustered Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) environment.