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FairCom DB Java Driver for the JSON DB API

The Java driver makes it easy to use FairCom's JSON APIs . It combines the Jackson JSON library with a few Java classes to send JSON over HTTPS to FairCom's JSON APIs , such as the JSON DB API.

The DbApi class provides methods to manage FairCom DB. It makes it easy to learn and manage FairCom DB from within a Java application.

The AdminApi class provides methods to administer a FairCom server.

The driver's source code is part of the downloadable Faircom server package. It is located in <faircomInstallationFolder>/drivers/java.json.db/. The source code is well-documented and supports code completion. You can read the JavaDoc here.

  • Connect: connect to a FairCom server

  • Create sessions: create one or more sessions with the server

  • Manage sessions and their settings: create, alter (change), delete, list, and ping sessions

  • Manage databases: create, delete, and list databases

  • Manage tables: create, alter (change), delete, list, describe, and rebuild tables

  • Manage indexes: create, alter (change), delete, list, and rebuild indexes

  • Manage data: insert, update, and delete records

  • Query data: get records using IDs, keys, partial keys, tables, indexes, key ranges, and SQL

  • Use cursors: efficiently paginate, walk, and skip forward and backward through query results

  • Run SQL: run statements and queries

  • Manage ACID transactions: create, commit, rollback, and list transactions and savepoints


You are not required to use FairCom's Java driver for the JSON DB API. Instead, you can use any Java HTTPS library to POST JSON payloads to the JSON DB API and process the JSON that it returns.