BTRV Edition User's Guide

c-treeRTG Products
Documentation Overview
c-treeRTG BTRV Edition Quick Start
Now You Can Configure While You Migrate
c-treeRTG BTRV Edition Setup
c-treeRTG BTRV Edition Installation
c-treeRTG Server Setup
Installing & Configuring the c-treeACE Server
c-treeRTG for Windows
c-treeRTG for Unix/Linux
Configure the c-treeRTG Server
c-treeRTG Configuration
c-treeRTG Configuration Tool - RTG Config
Creating a New File (Basic)
Creating a New File (Advanced)
Editing a Configuration File
Support for Encrypting the Configuration File
CTREE_CONF Environment Variable
CTREE_CONF_DUMP environment variable to specify configuration dump file
Relinking Your Application
Data Conversion
RTG Migrate
Using the ctmigra utility
BTRV Conversion Example
Micro Focus COBOL / BTRV Migration Example
Converting BTRV Data to c-treeRTG with butil/ctutil
c-treeRTG SQL Access
Creating an XDD from a DDF
Creating an XDD Manually
Storing the XDD in the Data File and Linking to the SQL Dictionary
Type Mapping Table
Variable-length fields mapped into LONGVAR* SQL field
Troubleshooting Data Conversion Errors
Viewing Sqlized Tables in c-treeACE SQL Explorer
Adding SQL Indices to Sqlized Files
API for SQL Conversion Error Checking
Background Information about Sqlizing Btrieve Data
Record Structure Definition: The XDD
When a DDF is Available
Merging the XDD with the Data File
Multiple Record Types
SQL Considerations
Common Issues
c-treeRTG SQL Support
Utilities: ctutil, cttrnmod, ctmigra, ctfileid
ctutil Notes
ctunload407 to unload data of files affected by error 407
ctutil Commands
cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility
ctfileid - Update File IDs
Copying Server-Controlled Files
ctclntrn and cthghtrn utilities for managing transaction mark numbers
ct_tpc and cttpca TPC A Test
Additional Command-Line Tools Added to c-treeRTG
Details about the File System and SQL
c-treeRTG File System Details
The SQL Challenge
Configuration File Elements
c-treeRTG Configuration File
Structure Elements
Btrieve Examples
Wildcard File Matching Rules
File Matching Precedence
Settings Elements
Substitution Specifiers
<table> root element
<key> table element
<part> key element
<segment> key element
<filters> table element
<filter> filters element
<field> filters element
<[Operator]> filter elements
<field> operator element
<value> operator element
<schema> table element
<field> schema element
Sample Programs
Logging, Error Codes, and Troubleshooting
Improved log output with file names on ERROR entries
Driver Error Codes
Error Codes
c-treeRTG SQL Access Errors
Error 407
Error 408 / 438
Client/Server Incompatibility
File Matching Rules in ctree.conf
Troubleshooting Performance
FairCom Typographical Conventions
Copyright Notice