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Performs all necessary operations to make a file accessible from FairCom DB SQL. In fact it groups a number of operations which can be executed separately helping the user to make the file accessible from FairCom DB SQL using only one command. The sqlize option accepts XDD files as input.


ctutil -sqlize file xdd_file database_name

[-symb=table_name] [-prefix=table_prefix]

[-owner=user_name] [-public[=ro]]

[-conv=convention_ID] [-rule=rules_file]


  • file - File name without extension
  • xdd_file - Path to an XDD file
  • database_name - Database name to add the file to
  • -symb=table_name - Optional table name to link file to database
  • -prefix=table_prefix - Optional prefix for table name
  • -owner=user_name - Optional user name to assign table ownership
  • -public[=ro] - Optionally grant public access permissions; read-only when =ro is used
  • -conv=convention_ID - COBOL Only: Optional numeric storage convention ID. COBOL users see convention_ID values.
  • -rule=rules_file - Optional path to rules file - see Define External Rules

Note: This is an administrative operation and therefore must be performed with caution. Do not attempt to use this operation on a file that is open. The <instance user> associated with the file for a sqlize operation must have either DBA or RESOURCE SQL privileges in order for the operation to succeed or a c-treeRTG error 456 (group access denied) is returned. While strongly discouraged, backward compatibility is provided with this configuration option: COMPATIBILITY SQLIMPORT_ADMIN_PASSWORD.

Error Logging

When the ctutil -sqllink or ctutil -sqlize procedures (or an automatic "sqlize" by the COBOL driver) fail, the logic logs error messages that could help identifying issues. The ctsqlcbk.FCS file on the client will have information about the nature of the error.