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Transforms Btrieve Data Dictionary Files (DDFs) into c-tree XDD files, which contain schema information about the data and index structures.

You must first generate .sav files from file.ddf, field.ddf, and index.dff using the btutil command as follows:

butil -save FILE.DDF file.sav

butil -save FIELD.DDF field.sav

butil -save INDEX.DDF index.sav

You are now ready to use ctutil to create the XDD files, as shown in Usage.


ctutil -ddf2xdd DDF_directory [-rule=rules_file] [-tablename]


  • DDF_directory is the name of the directory that contains the .sav files you created using butil.
  • -rule=rules_file is an optional path to a rules file.
  • -tablename (optional) uses the table name instead of the file name to determine the output file names.

    When exporting DDF files, a naming problem can occur if multiple tables in different directories have the same physical data file name. The -tablename parameter avoids naming conflicts by using table names instead of DDF file physical names to determine the XDD output file names.

One XDD file will be created for each file contained in file.sav. These files will be saved in DDF_directory.