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Utilities: ctutil, cttrnmod, ctmigra, ctfileid

The c-treeRTG products provide several utilities that you will need. These utilities are located in the same directory as the sample programs.

Utilities for data migration are located in tools\cmdline of your c-treeRTG installation directory.

  • ctmigra and RTG Migrate - Migrates data into c-treeRTG applications by reading records from an external database and writing them to c-treeRTG files.

    The GUI-based migration utility, RTG Migrate, can be found in tools/

Other common utilities are available for various c-treeRTG tasks.

  • ctutil - A general purpose c-treeRTG file maintenance utility. Use ctutil to examine files, extract data records, change maximum record sizes, and rebuild corrupted indexes. Much of ctutil's functionality is comparable to Vision's vutil utility for a familiar feel for some users, however, many additional c-treeRTG extensions and features have been added.

    A pre-configured version of ctutil is provided for each compiler c-treeRTG supports. They are found in the Driver/ctree.cobol/<compiler> folder.

  • cttrnmod (cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility, /doc/ctreeplus/cttrnmod-ChangeTransactionModeUtility.htm) - Allows an advanced user to change transaction status of a FairCom DB data file and its associated index files.

    cttrnmod can be found in the \Tools\cmdline of your c-treeRTG installation.

  • ctfileid (ctfileid - Update File IDs, ctfileid - Update File IDs) - Provides a convenient and safe way to update the fileid parameter of the file header.

In addition, a multi-user stand-alone DLL / shared library, FPUTFGET, is included with c-treeRTG BTRV Edition.

More Command-Line Utilities

c-treeRTG includes a large set of command-line utilities in the tools\cmdline directory of your c-treeRTG installation. For complete descriptions of these utilities, see the Command-Line Tools book on the FairCom website.

  • ctadmn - Server Administrator Utility used by the Server Administrator to manage users, groups, and files.
  • ctclntrn - Clean Transaction Mark “cleans” the high-water transactions marks within a FairCom DB index.
  • ctdump - Dynamic Dump Utility provides an administrator a safe, secure method of backing up data while FairCom DB is operational.
  • ctfdmp - Forward Dump Utility to restore data to a given time following a ctrdmp restore.
  • ctfilblkif - Block or unblock a specified FairCom DB file.
  • ctfileid - Update File ID utility provides a convenient and safe way to update the fileid parameter of the file header.
  • ctflvrfy - Index Verify utility allows the user to verify an index and, optionally, inspect it at a low-level.
  • cthghtrn - Displays the high-water mark for transactions.
  • ctidmp - Examine Dump Files lists the contents of a dynamic dump file or a specific extent of a dump broken into multiple files.
  • ctldmp - Transaction Log Dump performs a partial dump of the transaction logs to assist the developer in problem resolution.
  • ctmigra - A data migration utility for converting non-c-tree data for use with c-treeRTG. Described in the c-treeRTG User Guide.
  • ctpass - Password Utility to allow users to change their password.
  • ctquiet - Quiesce FairCom DB Utility allows an administrator to quiet the server from a script.
  • ctrdmp - Forward Dump Utility to restore data to a given time following a ctrdmp restore.
  • ctsqlcdb - FairCom DB SQL Database Maintenance Utility.
  • ctsqlutl - FairCom DB SQL Maintenance Utility to perform maintenance on the FairCom DB SQL Server.
  • ctstat - Statistics Monitoring Utility to display statistics and provide real-time monitoring of critical FairCom DB operations.
  • ctstop - Server Stop Utility to shut down FairCom Server.
  • ctsysm - Server Status Monitoring Utility monitors error, warning, and informational messages logged to the server status log.
  • cttpca and ct_tpc - COBOL Only: Programs for benchmarking computer systems with the TPC A test using the FairCom DB ISAM, c-treeDB (CTDB), and ODBC APIs. When included with c-treeRTG BTRV Edition, these utilities support the FairCom DB BTRV interface as a fourth API.
  • cttrap - Communications Trap Playback utility "plays back" a TRAP_COMM log file.
  • cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility allows an advanced user to change the transaction status of a FairCom DB data file and its associated index files.
  • ctunf1 - File Reformatting Utility reformats a file IN PLACE provided the new alignment restriction does not cause the data record contents to become misaligned.
  • ctvfyfil - File Verify Utility
  • ctvfyidx - Index Verify Utility checks the integrity of an index file.
  • dbdeploy - Utility to deploy stored procedures, user-defined functions, and triggers.
  • dbdump - Data Unload Utility writes the data in a database to a file.
  • dbload - Data Load Utility loads records from an input data file into tables of a database.
  • dbschema - Schema Export Utility generates FairCom DB SQL statements to recreate the specified database elements and data.
  • isql - Interactive SQL utility provides an industry-standard "command processing" interface to the FairCom DB SQL Database Engine.
  • sa_admin - Command-line security administration utility.

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cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility

ctfileid - Update File IDs

ctclntrn and cthghtrn - Manage Transaction Mark Numbers

ct_tpc and cttpca TPC A Test

Additional c-treeRTG Command-Line Tools