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Creating an XDD from a DDF

If you have a Data Dictionary File (DDF), it can be used to create the XDD required for sqlizing your data using ctutil -ddf2xdd.

The DDF is a detailed file definition including field type information and is contained in a Btrieve data file. There are usually multiple DDF files associated with a data file, and multiple file descriptions are included in a DDF definition file. To use these files you must first unload them. You will need your existing bultil file maintenance utility to unload and transform this data before FairCom c-treeRTG can use it.

You need to generate file.sav, field.sav, and index.sav files before you begin creating an XDD. These three files should be generated starting from file.ddf, field.ddf, index.dff using the btutil command as follows:

butil -save FILE.DDF file.sav

butil -save FIELD.DDF field.sav

butil -save INDEX.DDF index.sav

Once created, you can then proceed with the RTG ctutil utility.

You can specify a rules file to fine-tune the creation of the XDD, as described in Defining External Rules.

After you use ctutil -ddf2xdd to create the XDD, use the procedures in the section titled Storing the XDD in the Data File to prepare your data file for SQL access.