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Storing the XDD in the Data File and Linking to the SQL Dictionary

After creating an XDD, the information in that file will need to be stored in the data file and it must be linked to the FairCom DB SQL dictionary.

Use the ctutil -sqlize command to make an existing data file accessible from SQL by storing the XDD in the file and linking the file name to the FairCom DB SQL dictionaries.

After You Have Sqlized

After you have stored the XDD in the data file, you have finished sqlizing and you are ready to take it for a test spin. Experiment with some sample data to see if the process yielded the expected results. Be aware of two factors that may affect the results:

  • Some Btrieve fields do not translate well to SQL. For example a text field may be used to store a date in a human-readable format that has no meaning to SQL.

c-treeRTG provides tools to help you fine-tune your installation to overcome these problems. In particular, review Troubleshooting Data Conversion Errors.

You will find an abundance of useful information in this guide, such as c-treeRTG Errors, XDD File Schema, and Background Information about Sqlizing. Advanced users may want to consult API for SQL Conversion Error Checking.