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SQL Considerations

c-treeRTG allows the same data files to be accessed by both SQL and ISAM interfaces. This provides a truly flexible development environment allowing you to choose exactly the techniques that best suit their needs for performance and data integrity.

The SQL support provided by c-treeRTG is targeted at the most important SQL functionality, such as reading and writing records using SQL queries, user-defined functions, stored procedures & triggers, views, and joins (including joining a SQL-created table with an ISAM table). There are multiple considerations on SQL tables that are important for you to keep in mind.

Note that FairCom DB provides full, industry-standard SQL. You can create a database that is accessed exclusively through SQL and it will not experience the limitations listed below. The limitations discussed below arise when accessing data from both SQL and ISAM interfaces on files created through ISAM. Due to the high flexibility of ISAM contrasted with the discipline of SQL, some SQL features cannot be expected to work in this environment. The next sections list important considerations to keep in mind when developing applications using both ISAM and SQL to access the same data.

Note: Additional considerations apply if you use the FairCom DB Professional Developer's Kit to expose your ISAM data through SQL, giving you full read, write, insert, and delete access to the data. Please contact FairCom for a complete list of supported functionality.

Please review the following considerations:

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Common SQL Limitations with c-treeRTG Data

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