c-treeACE V11.0 Update Guide

V11: One Database. Countless Possibilities.
FairCom and Current Database Technology Trends
Great Performance News for OLTP Applications
Replication and Distributed Servers
No+SQL Integration Enhancements
Latest c-treeACE SQL Features
Added Conditional Expression Support for Partitioned Files
Java Family Expands
Advanced Full-Text Search Indexing
Deferred File and Index Maintenance
Coordinate Application Recovery with Transaction Restore Points
Browser-Based Administration Tools
Many Other Requested Features
V11 Performance Gains
Delayed Durability Transaction Log Mode for Performance
Performance Gains
Modified Log Sync Strategy
Delayed Durability Behavior
Monitoring Delayed Durability Performance
Time limit on flushing updated data and index cache pages for TRNLOG files
Controls for Performance AND Safety of Non-Transaction Updates
Linux Direct I/O (UNBUFFERED I/O) Performance Support
COMMIT_DELAY Configuration Now Defaults to 1 ms on Linux Systems
Faster Open of c-treeDB Tables
Data Record Compression Optimization
Use of Domain Sockets for Faster Unix/Linux Shared Memory Connections
Improved Unix Performance with Shorter Adaptive Defer for Index Node Retrievals
Improved Performance of Failed Batch Inserts with Savepoint Restores
Improved Index Update Performance
SQL Speed-Up
c-treeACE Replication Solutions
Replication for Every Need
Replication Manager
Replication Agent - File Notification Queue Events
Replication Agent - c-tree DB Engine notification
Replication Agent - The Next Generation
Directly Set a Replication Agent Start Position
Associate Replication to Specific Server Nodes
External Notification of Replication Agent Events
Configurable Timeout for Replication Agent Network Calls
Correctly Terminate Orphaned Replication Agent Source and Target Server Connections
ctrepd Replication Debug Utility
Improved Error Handling for Replication Agent HTRN_ERR (520)
Support Partial Record Rewrite in Local/Master Synchronous Replication
Improved Responsiveness of the c-treeACE Replication Monitor
No+SQL Data Access
c-treeACE No+SQL Solutions
c-treeACE SQL FILESET for Dynamic Joining of Physical Data Files
c-treeACE SQL Data Arrays™ for Sub-Record Data
Cutting-Edge No+SQL Features
c-treeACE SQL Features
New Stored Procedure Development Frameworks
SQL Group Support for User Role Management
c-treeACE SQL Entity Framework 6 Support with ADO.NET
Table Valued Functions
Common Table Expressions (CTE) and Recursive Queries
LOCK TABLE Statement Added
Scrollable SQL Cursors
Unicode default charset for SQL CHAR and VARCHAR changed from US-ASCII to ISO-8859-1
Allow DOUBLE as an alias for DOUBLE PRECISION data type
Configuration Options for c-treeACE SQL LATTE Subsystem
Extended c-treeACE SQL Stored Procedure Frameworks
c-treeACE SQL Stored Procedure Development in the .NET Framework
Visual Studio .NET Development
Preparing to Write a .NET SP, UDF, or Trigger
Writing a New SP, UDF, or Trigger
Deploying the SP, UDF, or Trigger
Testing the SP, UDF, or Trigger
Debugging the SP, UDF, or Trigger
Altering the SP, UDF, or Trigger
Writing the Code
Returning a Result Set from a Stored Procedure
Returning a UDF Result
Accessing Old and New Rows in Triggers
NetBeans Plugin for Java Stored Procedure Development
Installing the NetBeans Plugin
Setting up the Connection to the Server
Editing Stored Procedures
Enabling Debugging
c-treeACE SQL Deployment Utilities for Stored Procedures, UDF, and Triggers
User-Defined Partitioned File Conditional Expressions
User-Defined Conditional Expressions for Easy Partitioned File Creation
Conditional Expressions and Partition Rules
Partitioned Files in c-treeACE SQL
c-treeDB Partition File API Support
c-treeACE ISAM Usage
Managing Partitions
c-treeACE Java Edition Solutions
Everything for Java
Java Persistence API (JPA) with c-treeACE
Enterprise Java Beans
c-treeACE JDBC
c-treeDB Java
New Deferred File and Index Maintenance
Deferred Indexing
Queuing an Index Load
Counting the Number of Deferred Operations
Asynchronous Record Update Notifications
Update Callback Specifications
Coordinate Application Recovery with Transaction Restore Points
Transaction Restore Points
Creating Restore Points
Rolling Back to a Restore Point
SYSLOG Logging of Restore Point
Temporary Event File
Using ctalog SYSLOG Utility to Read Restore Point Data
Automatic Recovery Considerations
Rollback to New Restore Points with ctrdmp
Restore Points as an Incremental Roll Forward Strategy
Restore Point Files
Restore Point Limitations
Embedded Web Server for Browser Based Administration
A c-treeACE SQL Explorer for Your Web Browser
Extended c-treeACE Features
Millisecond Timestamp Resolution Support
Table Lock Support
IPv6 Support
Prevent ISAM Index Key Value Updates
Automatic Directory Creation for New Files
Extended c-treeDB Default Field Value Support
Retrieve Current Server Date and Time
User-Defined Function for Conditional Expressions
System Group Assignment of Unix/Linux Shared Memory resources
Specify Shared Memory Keys on Unix
FairCom Server - Configuration option to disable delete node thread
Monitor c-treeACE Memory Use and Suballocator List Allocation Call Stacks
Memory Tracking with c-treeACE on Linux
Unicode Support
Latest Microsoft Visual Studio 2015 Support
Additional File Management Options
Copy Files Between c-treeACE Servers
File Copy Wrapper API Functions
Verify Data and Index File Integrity
Delete Node and Space Reclamation Threads no Longer Preclude File Access
Toggle Serial Segment (SRLSEG) Support for Files
New File Descriptor Operational Parameters
Improved File Descriptor Limit Messages Logged During Server Startup
Server Now Fails to Start if File Descriptor Limit Can't be Increased to Required Value
Message Written to Standard Output When File Descriptor Limit is too Low
New file descriptor limit compatibility keyword
Advanced Data Integrity Controls
Linux File System Performance and Safety
Flush KEEPOPEN Files to Disk With Last File Close for Enhanced Data Integrity
LOKREC() modes to unlock all records in all files of the specified type that are open by the caller
Prevent ISAM Index Key Value Updates
New ctFeatKEEP_XFREED Lock Mode to Mark Entires in User Lock Table for Unlock Requests During a Transaction
Flush Directory Metadata to Disk for Transaction-Dependent File Creates, Deletes and Renames
Permit ADMIN Group Member Access to Files with Corrupt Resource Chains
Security Controls
LDAP Authentication Controls and Group Support
Added Restrictions on Advanced Encryption Master Key Configuration Options
Interface Technology Additions
Overview of Current c-treeACE Interface Technology
FairCom.CtreeDb - Added ServerDateTime methods
c-treeDB for Java Now Supports MRT Tables
c-treeDB - New key type for Deferred Index
c-treeDB Callback Updates for Types SDK
c-treeDB Default Field Types Added
GetServerDateTime() Added to c-treeDB for Java
Table Lock Mode for LOKREC
New Xtd8 File Mode to Automatically Create Directories
ctThrdSharedCritical API for Scalable Read Locks
CloseConnection API Function to Cleanly Shut Down a Forked Connection
c-treeACE SQL APIs
Database Management Methods Added to ADO.NET Data Provider
JDBC - Character Set Can Now Be Specified in the Connection URL
c-treeACE SQL JDBC Now Allows Specifying User and Password in Connection URL
c-treeACE SQL ODBC Ability to Set Query Timeout in DSN and Connection String
c-treeACE SQL ODBC Ability to Set "Default Fetch Size" in DSN or Connection String
c-treeACE SQL ODBC Unix ODBC driver for AIX and Solaris
c-treeACE SQL Direct SQL ctsqlGetParameterName()
c-treeACE SQL Direct SQL ctsqlIsParameterNull
c-treeACE SQL Direct SQL ctsqlGetNumericParameterAsString
c-treeACE SQL Direct SQL sqlda cursors
Embarcadero (Borland) XE - Support for 64-bit VCL Drivers
Latest News for GUI Tools
Latest in Tools Development
Browser Based c-treeACE SQL Explorer
c-treeACE Monitor
c-treeACE SQL Explorer
c-treeACE SQL Query Builder
c-treeACE ISAM Explorer
c-treeACE Gauges
c-treeACE Security Administrator
c-treeACE Explorer
c-treeACE Monitor
Dr. c-tree
c-treeACE Replication Monitor
And More Tools...
Command-Line Utility Updates
Command-Line Tools for Administrators
FILESET host creation utility
dfkctl - Deferred Index Maintenance Utility
ctcompare - Database Comparison Tool
Rollback to New Restore Points with ctrdmp
Header Record Counts Output with ctinfo c-tree Information Utility
Replication Actions Added to Transaction Control Utility cttrnmod
ctTRANMODE Control Added to Transaction Control Utility cttrnmod
Replication Debug Utility Timestamps Displayed in Local Time Format
Replication Debug Utility Options to Specify User Name and Password
Limit Replication Debug Utility Output to Specific Files
New File Verification Utilities - ctflvrfy.exe, ctvfyfil.exe, ctvfyidx.exe
Advanced encryption master key store encrypted at system level on Windows
Critical Production Updates
Corrected Unhandled Exception When File Password Included in Open File Call
Corrected Read and Write Errors after Connection Termination
Prevent FairCom Server WRITE_ERR Termination with Open Transactions Aborted by Quiesce
Corrected Unexpected FairCom Server Internal Error 7495 Crash
Prevent c-tree Server Unhandled Exception During Update of Compressed Record
Inconsistent FPUTFGET Header Locking for Non-HUGE Index Files and Variable-Length Data Files
Avoid FairCom Server Termination with Internal Error 8987 When Using UNBUFFERED_IO Configuration Option
Prevent Unhandled Exception When a Single Connection Opens a File More than 1024 Times
Corrected Prime Cache Thread Unhandled Exception When Opening File Pending Delete
Corrected Errors When Changing a Temporary Index Condition
Deadlock Corrected in Data Cache Retrieval Function
Unhandled Exception When Accessing Pruned Memory Index Node
Notable Compatibility Changes
FairCom Server - Change defaults for V11 release
Correct Error Messages Now Returned by fc_create_user Procedure
SQL - Changed error message for error -20139
SQL - BINARY fields not padded with 0x00
SQL - Binary Literals
Automatic c-treeDB Batch Buffer Resize
Proper positioning of ctdbSeekRecord with active record sets
Server process exit code more informative
Physical read of variable-length transaction controlled file skips records added by a third-party transaction not yet committed
Linux File System Performance and Safety
COMMIT_DELAY Configuration Now Defaults to 1 ms on Linux Systems
New Extended Data Types Support
Dynamic Dump Stream Files No Longer Segment by Default
Auto-Numbering Replication Defaults Changed
“Add Unique Keys First” Feature Applied to ctADD2END Files
Maximum LIST_MEMORY Setting Increased to 10MB
Maximum Index Members per File (MAXMEMB)
Maximum Number of Indexes per Data File (MAX_DAT_KEY) Default Increased to 64
Maximum Number of Open Files per User (MAX_FILES_PER_USER) Default Increased to 32767
Allow a Single Byte or SByte to be passed as a BINARY Value in ADO.NET
c-treeACE Memory Allocation Limit Disabled
c-treeACE SQL SETENV limit raised to 8192
c-treeACE SQL Stored Procedure Server-side Debugging Options
Java Stored Procedure Runtime Classes no Longer Require ctreedbs in Path
PHP - Components Now Match non-Thread-Safe Defaults for Windows IIS PHP Installations
c-treeACE SQL JDBC Socket Timeout Defaults to 0
c-treeACE JDBC Java 1.5 Compatible Driver Availability
Windows Servers Now Statically Linked with ZLIB Compression Libraries
Document History
FairCom Typographical Conventions
Copyright Notice