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c-treeACE V11.0 Update Guide

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Notable Compatibility Changes

This section lists important known compatibility changes from prior releases.
It is important to review these issues and ensure that your application continues to correctly function after upgrading to this latest release, V2.

In This Chapter

FairCom Server - Change defaults for V11 release

Correct Error Messages Now Returned by fc_create_user Procedure

SQL - Changed error message for error -20139

SQL - BINARY fields not padded with 0x00

SQL - Binary Literals

Automatic c-treeDB Batch Buffer Resize

Proper positioning of ctdbSeekRecord with active record sets

Server process exit code more informative

Physical read of variable-length transaction controlled file skips records added by a third-party transaction not yet committed

Linux File System Performance and Safety

COMMIT_DELAY Configuration Now Defaults to 1 ms on Linux Systems


New Extended Data Types Support

Dynamic Dump Stream Files No Longer Segment by Default

Auto-Numbering Replication Defaults Changed

“Add Unique Keys First” Feature Applied to ctADD2END Files

Maximum LIST_MEMORY Setting Increased to 10MB

Maximum Index Members per File (MAXMEMB)

Maximum Number of Indexes per Data File (MAX_DAT_KEY) Default Increased to 64

Maximum Number of Open Files per User (MAX_FILES_PER_USER) Default Increased to 32767

Allow a Single Byte or SByte to be passed as a BINARY Value in ADO.NET

c-treeACE Memory Allocation Limit Disabled

c-treeACE SQL SETENV limit raised to 8192

c-treeACE SQL Stored Procedure Server-side Debugging Options

Java Stored Procedure Runtime Classes no Longer Require ctreedbs in Path

PHP - Components Now Match non-Thread-Safe Defaults for Windows IIS PHP Installations

c-treeACE SQL JDBC Socket Timeout Defaults to 0

c-treeACE JDBC Java 1.5 Compatible Driver Availability

Windows Servers Now Statically Linked with ZLIB Compression Libraries