FairCom DB Architectural Concepts
Server Advantages vs. Multiuser Standalone
FairCom DB Storage System Support
Positioning the FairCom DB in the System Architecture
OLTP Solutions
Hardware Component Sizing
FairCom DB Customer Performance Metrics
Best Practices
Selecting FairCom DB Features Used in the System
Data and Index Caching Options
Caching of Data Records
Caching of Index Nodes
Properties of Cached Files
Configuring Caching
Transaction-Controlled Files
PREIMG Transaction Files
Properties of PREIMG Files
Backup and Restore Options for PREIMG Files
When to Use PREIMG Files
Creating and Using PREIMG Files
TRNLOG Transaction Files
Properties of TRNLOG Files
Backup and Restore Options for TRNLOG Files
When to Use TRNLOG Files
Creating and Using TRNLOG Files
TRNLOG Transaction Files with LOGIDX Indexes
Properties of LOGIDX Index Files
When to Use LOGIDX Index Files
Creating and Using LOGIDX Index Files
Delayed Durability
6-Byte Transaction Numbers
Transaction Number Limitations Prior to V8
c-tree Server V8 Transaction Number Enhancements
When to Use 6-Byte Transaction Number Files
Creating 6-Byte Transaction Number Files
Configurable Transaction Number Overflow Warning Limit
Non-Transaction Files
Properties of Non-Transaction Files
Backup and Restore Options for Non-Transaction Files
When to Use Non-Transaction Files
Creating Non-Transaction Files
Properties of WRITETHRU Files
Backup and Restore Options for WRITETHRU Files
When to Use WRITETHRU Files
Creating WRITETHRU Files
Large File Support
Huge Files
When to Use Huge Files
Creating Huge Files
Segmented Files
When to Use Segmented Files
Creating Segmented Files
Memory Files
Properties of Memory Files
When to Use Memory Files
Creating Memory Files
Partitioned Files
When to Use Partitioned Files
File Mirroring
When to Use Mirrored Files
Creating Mirrored Files
Summary of FairCom DB Features
FairCom DB Files to Include for a Successful Backup Strategy
Automatic Recovery
Restrict Access to FairCom DB Server Files
External Third-Party Utilities
Safely Copying FairCom DB Controlled Files
File Rebuilds
Java Requirements for FairCom DB SQL
Better Performance with NXTVREC() vs GTVREC()
8 Steps to a Fast Data Load
Calculating Memory Usage
Controlling Server Memory
Calculating File Storage Space
Calculating Index Sizes
Migrating Data Between Platforms and Operational Models
Single-User Standalone
Multi-User Standalone
File Migration
Migrating Your Application Between Operational Models
Single-User to Multi-User Standalone or Client/Server
Multi-user Standalone to Client/Server
Adding Transaction Processing
Single-Threaded to Multi-Threaded
SQL Data Load Tips
Helpful Examples
FairCom DB SQL - Microsoft SQL Server Integration
Connect Microsoft 64-bit SQL Server 2005 to FairCom DB SQL
ctKEEPOPEN File Mode to Retain Cached Server Data
Notification Example
Keep a CTUSER Library Open
Utility to Search Logs for Open Transactions
FairCom DB OEM Installation Notes
FairCom Database Engine
FairCom ADO.NET Data Provider
FairCom ODBC Driver
FairCom JDBC Driver
Linux systemd Scripts to Start and Stop FairCom DB
Adding FairCom DB JDBC to a Third-Party JDBC Tool
Configuration and Tuning
V10 and V11 Configuration Recommendations
FairCom DB Server Configuration Recommendations
Large Page Support to Improve Large Cache Performance
64-bit Windows Filesystem Behavior
Configuring 32-bit ODBC Drivers on 64-bit Windows Versions
Relocating Transaction Logs
Maximum Number of Indexes Per Data File
Monitoring Performance
Monitoring System Resource Usage
Monitoring CPU Usage
Monitoring Disk Usage
Monitoring Memory Usage
Monitoring Network Usage
Other System Monitoring Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Internal Resource Usage
Monitoring FairCom DB Using Snapshot Support
Snapshot Configuration File Options
Snapshot API Function Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Using ctstat Utility
Monitoring FairCom DB Using SystemConfiguration API
Monitoring FairCom DB Memory Use
Monitoring FairCom DB Lock Table
LockDump API Options
SnapShot API Options
SystemConfiguration API Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Client Activity
ctadmn Options for Monitoring Client Activity
Server Configuration Options
SystemConfiguration Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Transaction Activity
Server Configuration Options
SnapShot API Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Transaction Numbers and Transaction File Numbers
Monitoring FairCom DB File Usage
Server Configuration Options
SystemConfiguration API Options
Monitoring FairCom DB Dynamic Dumps
Monitoring FairCom DB Automatic Recovery
Monitoring FairCom DB Cache Usage
Monitoring FairCom DB Status Log Messages
Monitoring FairCom DB Process State
Monitoring FairCom Server with strace
Troubleshooting and Debugging
Failures During FairCom DB Startup
Server Fails to Start
Unactivated c-tree Server (DEPRECATED SUPPORT)
Missing or Incorrect Configuration File
Unrecognized Keyword in Server Configuration File
Server Fails to Open Server Administrative Files
Missing Server Binary or Communication DLLs
Server Cannot Initialize Communication Protocol
Missing or Corrupt Server Settings File
Automatic Recovery Fails
A Server is Already Running in the Working Directory
Dynamic Dump Cannot Be Scheduled
Server Startup Terminates Abnormally
Workaround - Failed to Bind SHMEM
Server Startup Hangs or Takes Excessive Time
Java 1.7 uses large amount of virtual memory at startup
Failures During FairCom DB Operation
Clients Cannot Connect to Server
FairCom DB Error 10: SPAC_ERR
FairCom DB Error 84: MUSR_ERR
FairCom DB Error 127: ARQS_ERR
FairCom DB Error 128: ARSP_ERR
FairCom DB Error 133: ASKY_ERR
FairCom DB Error 150: SHUT_ERR
FairCom DB Error 162: SGON_ERR
FairCom DB Error 450: LUID_ERR
FairCom DB Error 451: LPWD_ERR
FairCom DB Error 452: LSRV_ERR
FairCom DB Error 470: LGST_ERR
FairCom DB Error 530: LMTC_ERR
FairCom DB Error 579: LIVL_ERR
FairCom DB Error 584: LRSM_ERR
FairCom DB Error 585: LVAL_ERR
FairCom DB Error 589: LADM_ERR
FairCom DB Error 593: XUSR_ERR
FairCom DB Error 609: LTPW_ERR
Clients Lose Connection to Server
FairCom DB Error 7: TUSR_ERR
FairCom DB Error 127: ARQS_ERR
FairCom DB Error 128: ARSP_ERR
FairCom DB Error 150: SHUT_ERR
FairCom DB Error 162: SGON_ERR
Number of Active Transaction Logs Unexpectedly Increases
Server Is in a Non-Responsive State
Some Clients Are In A Non-Responsive State
Errors Occur When Opening FairCom DB Files
Enabling Low-Level File I/O Diagnostics
FairCom DB Error 12: FNOP_ERR
FairCom DB Error 14: FCRP_ERR
FairCom DB Error 417: SPAG_ERR
FairCom DB Error 456: SACS_ERR
FairCom DB Error 457: SPWD_ERR
Errors Occur When Reading or Writing FairCom DB Files
FairCom DB Error 35: SEEK_ERR
FairCom DB Error 36: READ_ERR
FairCom DB Error 37: WRITE_ERR
FairCom DB Error 39: FULL_ERR
FairCom DB Error 40: KSIZ_ERR
FairCom DB Error 49: FSAV_ERR
c-tree API Call Fails With Unexpected Error
Server Writes Unexpected Messages to Status Log
Server Exhibits Atypical Performance
Server Exhibits Unexpected Resource Usage
Dynamic Dump Fails
Data or Index File Sizes Grow Unexpectedly
Server Terminates Abnormally
Recovering From Abnormal Server Termination
Failures During FairCom DB Shutdown
Server Shuts Down Improperly
Server Shutdown Hangs or Takes Excessive Time
Monitoring FairCom DB Shutdown Progress
Forcibly Terminating FairCom DB During Shutdown
Failures During System Recovery
Automatic Recovery Fails
Recovering from Automatic Recovery Failure
FairCom DB File Open Errors During Recovery
Automatic Recovery Terminates Abnormally
Automatic Recovery Takes Excessive Time
Dynamic Dump Restore Fails
File Rebuild Fails
File Compact Fails
LockDump Output
Types of Locks
Locating a Record in LockDump Output
How do I clean and reset the transaction numbers for my files?
Pending File ID Overflow: Error 534 in CTSTATUS.FCS
Understanding the "Pending File ID Overflow" Message
Determining the Current File ID
Recommended Actions
Transaction Log Reset
Timeout Error Diagnosis
Heap Debugging on Solaris 9+ Operating Systems
prstat and Performance Monitoring on Solaris Operating Systems
Using Windows Process Explorer to Obtain Thread Call Stacks
Generating Dump Files on 64-bit Windows
Transaction Log Increases
Additional Transaction Log Number Messages
Dynamic Dump Restore FMOD_ERR (48)
FUSE_ERR (22) During Automatic Recovery
Activation Failures (Error 26) on AIX 6
CPUs Report Different Times on Linux, Causing Unexpectedly Long sleep() Times
Prevent FPUTFGET LNOD_ERR Error (50) from OpenIFile()
Connection and Startup Issues
Replication and Low-Level Operations - Error 919
gdb Remote Debugging
"ctntio error" Entries in Status Log File CTSTATUS.FCS
"WARNING: ct_lflsema livelock" Entries in Status Log File CTSTATUS.FCS
Disappearing FairCom DB Core Files on Linux
FairCom DB Memory Use and glibc malloc per-thread Arenas
How to Reproduce a Problem Using TRAPCOMM.FCS
FairCom DB SQL Troubleshooting
Java Configuration for FairCom DB SQL Stored Procedures, Triggers and User Defined Functions
Setting/Enabling Advanced Features in SQL Explorer
SRLSEG not Available in FairCom DB SQL When ROWID is Used
What are .fdk Files in the SQL_SYS Directory?
What is __Master.dbs?
Error While Creating SQL Database
DBLOAD Debugging Help
Stored Procedure Error: Could not initialize class sun.util.calendar.ZoneInfoFile
Stored Procedure Java Class Resolution
When do I have to specify the owner of a table?
How do I convert tables in a database to be case insensitive?
Analyzing JVM Memory usage with FairCom DB SQL Java Stored Procedures
Compiling FairCom DB SQL PHP on Linux/Unix
IoT and FairCom Edge Help
Core Files on the Raspberry Pi
Backing up the Raspberry Pi
COBOL Troubleshooting
COBOL Compilers Supported by c-treeRTG COBOL Edition
Troubleshooting Data Conversion Errors
Error: Requested def blk is empty
c-treeRTG SQL Access Errors
Reference Material
mtmake Command Line
Typical Unix Errors from errno.h Header File
FairCom DB Server Files
FairCom DB Utilities
NULL Handling
ISAM Parameter Files (Legacy)
ISAM Parameter File Organization
Parameter File Contents
Initialization Record
Data File Description Record
Index File Description Record
Optional Index Member Record
Key Segment Description Record
Fixed-Length Parameter File Examples
Variable-Length Parameter File Example
Multiple Data File Parameter Setup
Parameter Files in Client Server Models
2xx Internal Error Codes
749X Internal Error Codes
Google Chrome Tips for Developers
Operating System Specific Tips
Microsoft Windows
Installation Error Due to XML Encoding
Windows Vista Network AutoTuning Parameters
Configuring 32-bit ODBC Drivers on 64-bit Windows Versions
Connect Microsoft 64-bit SQL Server 2005 to FairCom DB SQL
Slow Windows Network Traffic
CPUs Report Different Times on Linux, Causing Unexpectedly Long sleep() Times
Compiling FairCom DB SQL PHP on Linux/Unix
Memory Use of Linux Processes
Heap Debugging on Solaris 9+ Operating Systems
IBM AIX Multicore/CPU Performance Tuning Options
IBM AIX 32-bit FairCom Servers Require EXTSHM ON for Correct Shared Memory Usage
IBM AIX Large Page Support
IBM AIX Mutex Performance Tuning Options
Activation Failures (Error 26) on AIX 6
Moving a HP-UX FairCom DB SQL Database to Windows
Function Name Cross Reference
Full Names
Abbreviated (short) Names
Function API Listing
Initialization API
ctThrd API
Instance Control API
ISAM Initialization API
Low-Level Initialization API
Data Definition API
ISAM Data Definition API
Low-Level Data Definition API
Data Manipulation API
ISAM Data Manipulation API
Batch API
Context API
Sets API
Low-Level Data Manipulation API
Utility Functions
Server Administration API
Transaction Processing API
Common Entry Point Functions
Forced Single Entry Point Capability
Extended Feature Parameter Blocks
Logon Block
ISAM Block
IFIL Block
Create File Block
Open File Block
Key Estimate Block
Function Calls
Important Technical Updates
Delete Node Reuse List Default Behavior Change
Pre-V11 Issues
Highly Concurrent FairCom DB SQL Updates Involving Floating Point Conversions
Prevent FPUTFGET Data Corruption with Concurrent Updates
Potential Variable Length Data Corruption Prevented During Automatic Recovery
Prevent Termination of FairCom DB from LRU Cache Miss Limitations
Potential FairCom DB Automatic Recovery Failures with the LOGIDX Feature
Avoid Index Errors Caused by memcpy() Implementation on Latest Operating Systems
Correct Handling of Segmented Files During Automatic Recovery
Microsoft Vista Locks Out FPUTFGET
Transaction Number Rollover
V12 Issues
Older .NET configurations detected correctly
Upgrading from Previous Editions
Steps to Upgrade FairCom Server
Upgrade Notes for Developers
Upgrade Notes for Administrators
Adjusting PAGE_SIZE
More about Upgrading
Let Existing ISAM Applications Co-Exist with SQL
Upgrading V6 Applications
Duplicate Keys
Converting c-tree V4.1F-V4.3C Applications
Application Conversion Details
ctin43 - Create flat key file from V4.3 index file
ctitop - Create OTP and Parameter Files
ctpotp - Parameter to OTP conversion
ctptoi - Parameter to IFIL conversion
ctpkey - Print key utility
FairCom Typographical Conventions
Copyright Notice