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Server Writes Unexpected Messages to Status Log

During server operation, FairCom DB writes messages to the server status log, CTSTATUS.FCS. The messages the server logs may be informational, warning, or error messages. The system administrator should monitor the server status log in order to detect situations in which the server writes unexpected warning or error messages to the status log.

The ctsysm utility can be used to monitor status log messages. This utility reads a configuration file containing the possible status log messages and associated actions depending on the context of the message. As the server logs messages to the status log, the utility examines the messages and outputs the corresponding message code, which can be matched to the appropriate action, if any, for the message. For details on using the ctsysm utility to monitor FairCom DB status log, see FairCom Server Status Monitoring Utility, ctsysm in the FairCom Server Administrator's Guide.