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Monitoring FairCom DB Transaction Numbers and Transaction File Numbers

The server assigns a transaction number to each transaction and it assigns a transaction file number each time a transaction file is modified. The limits for these numbers are very high, so it should take years to reach them even on a system with heavy traffic. Nonetheless, these numbers should be monitored to ensure that they do not reach their limits:

  1. Transaction numbers can go up to: 1,125,899,906,842,623
  2. Transaction file numbers can go up to: 4,294,963,200

Both numbers can be easily monitored by looking at CTSTATUS.FCS. The server prints error messages to CTSTATUS.FCS well before it reaches limits for these numbers.

The limitation to this method is that it does not give any percentage value or any estimation on how far away the limit is. The current values of these numbers can be monitored using the ctstat -vat option. This option is documented FairCom Server Administration Guide in the ctstat Transaction Statistics Example.

The last two values returned by the ctstat -vat option, tranno (transaction number) and tfil (transaction file number), indicate the next available numbers. Knowing the max value for these numbers, it should be quick to calculate the status.

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