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Setting/Enabling Advanced Features in SQL Explorer

FairCom DB SQL provides numerous options for advanced diagnostics. These can be enabled from your configuration file, built-in stored procedures, or through the FairCom DB SQL Explorer tool itself.

The FairCom DB SQL Explorer utility is an extremely useful tool in administering your SQL databases.

Enable advanced features in FairCom DB SQL Explorer:

To enable advanced features, call FairCom DB SQL Explorer from a command line adding the -adv option:

c-treeSQLExplorer.exe -adv

  • An alternative approach is to make a shortcut to the FairCom DB SQL Explorer executable. Right-click on the shortcut, select Properties, and append the -adv option to the command in the box labeled Target.

You can now open FairCom DB SQL Explorer and choose File > Debug Flags. Select one or more of the following:



Hm Itm





Display Cost

Log Error

Xec (for advanced debugging)

Hm Hdl

SP/T Debug

SP/T Logging



FairCom DB SQL Explorer's log (trace file)

You will find the output of FairCom DB SQL logging in the following file, found in the server's working directory:

<FairCom-Folder>\bin\ace\sql\data: file\sql_server.log

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