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Delete Node Reuse List Default Behavior Change

In V11.5 (and c-treeRTG V2.5) and later, deleted index nodes are not reused until after the file is closed. This can cause indexes to grow faster than expected.

A new server keyword NODE_REUSE_DELAY allows setting the node reuse time directly. This keyword sets the number of seconds after an empty index node is pruned from the index before it may be reused (default 0). Negative values disable index node reuse until the file has been closed and reopened. Prior to V11.5, this defaulted to 225 and was 0.75 * NODE_DELAY (minimum 4).

The deleted nodes are cleaned up when the files are closed, which means that this issue is a concern only if files are held open for long periods of time.

Workaround: A workaround for this problem is to set NODE_DELAY to 4 or larger (before V11.5, the default was 300).

Note: This is a change to the Default Behavior. In V11.5.0, NODE_DELAY was allowed to be set to zero (which was the default), indicating to prune empty index nodes immediately. Prior to this, the minimum value for NODE_DELAY was 1. This change replaces that behavior with server keyword NODE_REUSE_DELAY (default 0). The new NODE_REUSE_DELAY keyword defaults to 0.