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ISAM Parameter Files (Legacy)

The ISAM parameters specify the characteristics of the data files and indexes used in an application program. The parameters are stored in a regular ASCII text file called the ISAM parameter file. If your application uses the high-level ISAM routines, you must construct an ISAM parameter file or use the incremental ISAM structures previously defined. Any text editor can be used to create or modify ISAM parameter files, provided special control characters are not embedded in the parameter file.

This section deals with the ISAM Parameter File. When using ISAM parameter files, all files in the parameter file are opened and closed together. With Incremental ISAM structures, the programmer has individual file open/close control and automatic file definition storage; making ISAM structures the recommended choice. Some applications work better with Incremental ISAM Structures. FairCom highly recommends using Incremental ISAM structures.