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Large File Support

When FairCom first released FairCom DB, 10 MB hard drives were considered large. A 2 GB maximum file size was sufficient, if not unimaginable. For this reason, the c tree Server was originally designed to use 4-byte file offsets, which limited the size of files to 2 GB or 4 GB depending on the platform.

Today, with 64-bit operating systems becoming common and 4 GB hard drives being considered bottom-of-the-line, the need has developed to support very large physical files. Starting with version 7 of the c-tree Server V7, FairCom introduced large file support. FairCom DB supports large files in two ways:

  • Huge files: Physical files that use 8-byte offsets that can grow to over 4 GB in size. Huge files can be used to support large files up to the maximum physical file size supported by modern filesystems.
  • Segmented files: Logical files distributed across multiple physical files, which can optionally be huge. Huge segmented files can be used to overcome system limitations on physical file sizes.

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