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FairCom DB Utility Programs

FairCom DB utility programs provide mechanisms to maintain, recreate and reorganize your data and index files. Two programs are also provided to facilitate porting c-tree V4.3 data and index files to the latest FairCom DB formats.

If a utility program is run without any command-line arguments, either it will display the appropriate command line syntax or it will prompt you for the necessary information. Entries on the command line surrounded by square braces, [ ], are optional. Entries surrounded by angle braces, < >, indicate that a user-supplied value, an unquoted string or number, is to be entered. Other entries are literals that should be entered as shown. However, the literals may be in lower or upper case.

In This Chapter

ctclntrn Utility - Clean Transaction Mark

ctclosefile - Close Files on KEEPOPEN List

ctcmpcif - IFIL-based Compact Utility

ctcv43 - Convert V4.3 Data File to FairCom DB Format

ctcv67 - Extended File Conversion Utility

ctdbdistinct - Key Count Utility

ctdidx - Create flat key file

ctdmpidx - Index Dump Utility

ctexmc - File creation utility / example

ctfchk - File Checksum Utility

ctfilblkif - File Block Utility

ctflush - File Flush Utility

ctfileid - Update File IDs

ctflat - Create FairCom DB file from a flat file

ctflvrfy - Index Verify Utility

cthghtrn - Displays the high-water mark for transactions

ctidmp - Examine Dump Files

ctindx - Create index file from flat key file

ctinfo - ISAM File Info

ctmtlk - Lock operation test utility

ctmove - Moving Files without Stopping the FairCom Server

ctotoi - Add IFIL and DODA Resources

ctpartadmin - Partitioned File Administration Utility

ctpathmigr - Change Internal Path Separators

ctquiet - Quiesce FairCom DB Utility

ctrbldif - IFIL-based Rebuild Utility

ctredirect - IFIL Update Utility for Redirected Filenames

ctsbld - Superfile rebuild pre-pass

ctsbldm - Rebuild Superfile Index Members

ctscmp - Superfile Compact Utility

ctsfex - Superfile Data Export Utility

ctsfil - Superfile contents

ctsmon - Server Heartbeat Monitor

ctstat - Statistics Utility

cttctx Performance Test Utility

cttrap - Communications Trap Playback utility

cttrnmod - Change Transaction Mode Utility

cttpca - TPC A Test

ct_tpc - TPC A Test

ctunf1 - File Reformatting Utility

ctunf2 - UNIFRMAT file reformatting utility

ctupdpad - Update the c-treeDB Pad Resource Utility

ctvlqa - Variable-length quality assurance utility

ctvfyidx - Index Verify Utility

ctvfyfil - File Verify Utility

dfkctl - Deferred Index Maintenance Utility