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ctsfex - Superfile Data Export Utility

The ctsfex utility exports data from a superfile to another superfile or to individual files identical to the superfile members. This high-performance utility exports the data without index updates, transaction control, or file extension. After the data export is completed, the indexes are rebuilt and transaction control and file extension properties are restored on the newly-created files. This utility also supports a multi-threaded version allowing each thread to process a superfile member.

Operational Model:

  • Client
  • Standalone


ctsfex sf1 [-f sf2 | -d dir] [-cCrovV] [-t thds] [-e key]
[-m recs] [-n size] [-T <path>] [-ctscmp <args>]
[-s svn] [-u uid] [-p upw] [-i]


  • -f sf2 - Export to superfile sf2
  • -d dir - Export to standard files in directory dir
  • -c - Create the target files without exporting data.
  • -C - Create AND export data for _isp@ and .group tables only.
  • -r - Force replacement (overwrite) of existing files.
  • -o - Force open of a corrupted file using the ctOPENCRPT file mode.
  • -v - Open the superfile and its members to validate a superfile.
  • -V - Used in conjunction with -v, this option validates records with a read.
  • -m recs - Send record counter to stdout every recs records.
  • -e key - Encrypt the target files with key
  • -t threads - Maximum number of concurrent threads to use.
  • -T <path> - Specify the location of temporary files created by the rebuild operation.
  • -s server_name - Server name for connecting to the server.
  • -u userID - User ID for connecting to the server.
  • -p userpassword - User password for connecting to the server.
  • -ctscmp <args> - Invoke the superfile compact utility, ctscmp with <args>.
  • -i - Read records from superfile members using the first index instead of physical order (if superfile member has no indexes, physical order is used for that member).

Standalone Usage

In standalone mode an additional option is available to specify the index node size:

  • -n size - Index node size to use (standalone mode only).

Page Size

Default PAGE_SIZE settings are now considered in superfile compact and export utilities, ctsfil and ctsfex. In V11.9.5 and later, this size is 32768 (sect = 256). Prior to V11.9.5, it was 8192 (sect = 64). Server and standalone of these utilities have been updated to use the new default page size. ctsfex supports a parameter for use with superfiles created with different page sizes.