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ctindx - Create index file from flat key file


ctindx <flat key file> <index file> <index member> [<transformation file>]


This utility runs in single user mode. It supports indexes requiring transaction processing. The index file must already exist, and the index member (0 for the host index, 1 for the first additional index member, etc.) must be empty. The key length of the index member is used to deduce the key length of the flat file. You can optionally specify a transformation file specifying how to transform each key value before entry into the index file.

The optional transformation file is a text file similar to an ISAM parameter file formed as follows:

<# of segments>

<offset> <length> <mode>

... repeated for each segment ...

An offset of zero corresponds to the first byte of the key value stored in the flat key file. The length dictates how many bytes are affected by the transformation. The mode is interpreted as shown in Key Segment Modes in the FairCom DB Programmer's Reference Guide.