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ctflush - File Flush Utility

ctflush is a c-tree utility that flushes updated buffers for c-tree files.

Operational Model:

  • Client


ctflush [-1 <passfile>] [-u <userid>] [-p <password>]

[-s <servername>] [-m 1|2|3 <filename>|4|5|6]

[-i <interval>] [-t <timeout>]


  • -1 <passfile> - encrypted password file (see below)
  • -u <userid> - user id for logon
  • -p <password> - user password for logon
  • -s <servername> - FairCom Server name including machine name or IP address
  • -i <interval> - for mode 4: interval in seconds between checkpoint calls for mode 5: interval in seconds between restore points
  • -t <timeout> - for modes 5 and 6: maximum time in seconds to wait for active transactions to complete
  • -m <mode> - 1, 2, 3 <filename>, 4, 5, or 6:

    Mode 1 flushes updated buffers for all transaction-controlled files.

    Mode 2 flushes updated buffers for all open files.

    Mode 3 <filename> flushes updated buffers for the file <filename>.

    Mode 4 performs a checkpoint.

    Mode 5 creates a lightweight restore point.

    Mode 6 creates a restore point with a checkpoint.

Authentication File

This utility supports the use of an encrypted password file. Encrypted password files keep user IDs and passwords from plain view when the utility is used within a script file. They are created with the ctcmdset utility. The plain text form of the file should be:

; User Id
; User Password
PASSWD <pass>

Use the -1 option to specify the name of the encrypted file. Use the -1 option to specify the name of the encrypted file.