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ctvfyfil - File Verify Utility

The ctvfyfil utility calls the ctVerifyFile() (ctVerifyFile, ctVerifyFile) function. (See function for details.) The utility can be run in standalone and in client/server mode.


ctvfyfil [<option> ...] <file name>

where <option> is one or more of the following:

  • <page size> - Use the specified page size
  • -chkdat - Read data file only (default)
  • -chkdatkeys - Read data file and check keys in index
  • -chkdeletedspace - Check deleted space
  • -chkidx - Read index file
  • -chkidxrec - Read index file and check records in data file
  • -chkidxint - Additional index checks
  • -excl - Open the file in exclusive mode
  • -int - Interactive mode: stop on each error
  • -index=<N> - Check only the Nth index (N=1,2,...)

The example below shows the utility run on a file called mark.dat with the page size set to 8192:

ctvfyfil -8192 mark.dat