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ctsbldm - Rebuild Superfile Index Members

Operational Model:

  • Standalone


ctsbldm <DataFileName> [<Optional PageSize>]

For example:

ctsbldm suphost!myfile.dat 16384


Ordinarily, the procedure to rebuild a superfile is to use ctsbld to prepare the entire superfile, making the data good and returning space used by the indexes. Then each set of ISAM files is rebuilt. This approach is used since a superfile entwines all of the member files and no assumptions are made about the integrity of the members.

ctsbldm permits the indexes associated with a non-corrupt superfile member data file to be rebuilt without having to process the entire superfile. It assumes that the data file contains an IFIL describing all the indexes, that the data file is not corrupt, and that the superfile is in good shape except for the indexes in question.

One possible use for this utility is when recovery cannot repair an index. This rarely occurs, but may be caused by a loop in the index leaf nodes. If this index is a member of a superfile, we can now attempt to rebuild just the indexes, and not process the entire superfile. The utility forces all indexes associated with the data file to be rebuilt.

The utility operates by opening the data and index files, deleting the index files, and then rebuilding the index files.